December 3, 2022


Start your tour at Mindful Body & Wellness

339 W Union St.

The 11th Annual Cookie Tour with a NEW COCOA TWIST!

Take a sweet stroll through Uptown Stops on December 3rd!

Get your business list & ballot to start your tour! Take a sweet stroll through Uptown Somerset and taste-test free homemade cookies and cocoa from area businesses contending for bragging rights! You can even snag the recipe at each location

Meet The Contenders (2022)

Mindful Body & Wellness (339 W Union St.)

One Free Spirit Boutique (110 N Rosina)

The Wellness Community (112 N Rosina)

Great Day Juice Company (W Main)

Cascios Fruit Market (242 W Main St)

Fraternal Order of Eagles (110 S. Edgewood)

Alora Therapeutic (130 W Main)

Essentials for Health (109 W Main)

Jar: The Zero Waste Store (101 W Main)

Dos Amigos Restaurant (101 W Main)

Wear Ever Boutique (113 E Main St)

Heirloom Pines Farm (122 N Center Ave)

Vin De Matrix Winery (130 N Center Ave)

Music From the Heart (140 W Union)

Uptown Works (109 E Main)

Part of

Uptown For The Holidays

by Somerset, Inc.