Artist Competition Cash Prizes Somerset PA Street Painting Pastels


Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

Uptown Somerset Diamond

The 7th Annual Chalk the Block Festival transforms the sidewalks of Uptown Somerset into a patchwork of colorful murals. Using chalk, in the ancient tradition of street painting, artists will create original works or reproduce famous works in a visual explosion of color. Somerset, Inc. encourages you to highlight your artistic talent & enthusiasm by entering the Emerging Artist chalk competition at Chalk the Block!




  • Artists create artwork in a designated space on the sidewalks in Uptown Somerset.

  • Artists can begin as early as 7 AM on Saturday, judging begins at 2 PM.

  • Each artist receives:

    • 1 Soft Pastel Set (set of 48)




  • Registration Timelines: Artist applications must be received by July 5, 2023 so that we have time to buy all the chalk!

  • Concept must be approved by Somerset, Inc. All applicants must share their idea prior to confirmation of participation – no nudity, no politics, no discriminatory imagery of any kind, no advertising or promotion is accepted. All art must be family friendly, imagery deemed inappropriate will be removed.

  • Chalk Pastels are the Only Approved Medium. Only chalk pastels in a solid form may be used for street painting. Please contact Somerset, Inc. with questions.

  • Artists: Artists may participate individually or as Teams. Each team may include up to four artists.

  • Sponsors: Each accepted adult artist will be matched with a sponsor.The sponsors name will be on a paper taped to the approximately 4×4 sidewalk space underneath the artwork ie. Art by ___ Sponsored by: _____.