What is Somerset, Inc.?


We’re glad you asked! We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization focused on the improvement of the heart of Somerset, PA. We’re best known for our events, like Light Up the Night, The Fire & Ice Festival, and Chalk the Block – but there is so much more to what we do, day in and day out!

Here are Somerset, Inc.’s key focus areas:


The promotion committee is committed to encouraging activity and tourism in uptown Somerset and it’s surrounding areas through events, advertisements, social media marketing, and more.

Economic Development : 

The Economic Development Committee focuses on brick and mortar projects uptown and their opportunity, retention, transition, and growth.

Design : 

The Design Committee works to improve the aesthetic of the uptown area through numerous beautification efforts including town clean-up days, facade grants, seasonal decor, art installations etc…

Organization :

The Organization Committee helps to manage everyday operations at Somerset, Inc. in order to create lean, efficient processes and a sustainable future for Somerset, Inc. that will enable us to better serve the community!

Interested in becoming a member? We’re working on adding online registration, but for right now, email info@somersetinc.org and we’ll get you set up!

Somerset, Inc. Mission Statement

Somerset Inc.’s Mission is to revitalize and promote the central business district and surrounding areas of Somerset, PA in order to increase community engagement and improve economic prosperity.